Generations Module Topics

Grow Your Family Practice with Successful Ideas and Protocols

Over 24 months, you will have 48 calls covering many important topics for the Family Wellness Practice. While we are constantly evolving and adding new material, this is the current topics list for Generations!

Year One Includes

Building Your Wellness Practice – the first step to growing the family wellness practice you’ve envisioned

The New Parent Patient – proven phone techniques that establish you as a Family Wellness Chiropractor in the mind of the new parent patient and starting the paradigm shift in your parent patient’s thinking

The New Pediatric Patient – key staff information to save you time while continuing the parent patient’s education and all the information you need to have a WOW child consultation; making an impression on both the child and the parent

Patient Education – providing you with all the tools you need to educate your patients on the wellness lifestyle including educational materials, visual display items for your practice and reception DVDs

The Parent-Centric Practice – using communication as the tool to successfully create an ideal family practice

New Patient Campaigns – using education and information to help grow your practice vertically

Maximizing Outreach Through Protocols – everything from social media education to improved internal report of findings education

Inviting Families to Dynamically Participate in Your Family Wellness Practice – using social media, your website, e-education and more, learn how to use all of your Generations materials to grow your prenatal and family practice while impacting your practice with high patient retention

Adult Report of Findings – the positional report that translates for the adult patient the reason to bring in their entire family for wellness care

The Financial/Scheduling Visit and Family Chiropractic Screening – this powerful staff procedure reinforces your report and schedules the screening for the parent patient’s children, and protocols for screenings that will put the family at ease and inform as well as educate your parent patient about their child’s spinal health

The Child Report of Findings and First Adjustment – covering different age groups, this will change the way you think about the Child Report of Findings and how the first adjustment can be the most powerful adjustment in a child’s life

Shifting Into a Family Wellness Cash Practice – establish a program that makes it possible for a cash patient to bring the entire family in for Wellness Chiropractic care

Radiographic Procedures for the Pediatric Patient – when and how to x-ray the child patient

Wellness Research and Resources – educate your patients using case studies and support papers showing that research supports chiropractic care for children

Seven Reasons Why Parents Don’t Bring Their Children In – it takes more than just a “children’s area” for parents to realize that their children can benefit from Chiropractic care, includes the shift in the adjusting room, what needs to be said to bring a parent patient awareness

Strategic Points for Patients – increase your dialog with your patients by learning the conversational, strategic points you should be making during each patient visit to keep your adjusting room time in focus and intention

Pediatric Documentation and Re-Examination – how to cover all your bases with the pediatric patient providing you with documentation templates for SOAP notes, personal injury forms, update forms and more

Adult Documentation and Re-Examination – when and how to perform a successful re-examination that will encourage your adult patients to continue into wellness Chiropractic care and the documentation needed for updates, personal injury and more

The Pre-Conception and Prenatal Practice – how to help pregnant women and women that want to become pregnant understand the benefits of pre and post-natal Chiropractic care

Year Two Includes

The Webster and Post-Natal Patient – Educate the Webster Patient and help her understand the need for Post-Natal Care for her and her baby

The Pediatrician and Medical Relationship – become known in your community as the Family Wellness Chiropractor by building relationships with other healthcare professionals utilizing status report templates and more

Developing the Birthing Community Referral Network – reach out to the doulas and midwives that serve the pregnant women in your community with educational binders, flyers, pamphlets and more

Educating the Obstetricians, Gynecologists and Lactation Specialists in Your Community – help birthing professionals in your community better understand the areas in which chiropractic care can help the pregnant patient, especially using the Webster Technique to reduce pelvic misalignments leading to in-utero constraint utilizing provided lecture materials, status report templates, research articles and more

Creating a Dynamic Speaker – learn how to effectively lecture to small groups in your community

Creating the Optimal Environment – there is more to being a Family Wellness Chiropractor than just a children’s area in your reception room

Assessing the Quality of Life – help parents recognize the benefits of having healthier children and evaluate the value of Chiropractic Care

Sharing the Chiropractic Story – help your patients share their success stories with your new and established patients

The Practice Nanny – everyone needs a helping hand

The Wellness Conversation – all the tools you need to foster a wellness dialogue with your patients

Protocol Care for the Child and Pregnant Patient – learn the common disorders that present themselves in a family practice and determine the ideal chiropractic care program

Standing Out/Having an Exceptional Display – everything you need to have a display that will invite expo or event attendees to approach you: beautiful banners ready to print, handouts, placard templates and more

The VIP Campaign – templates provided to help you duplicate your wellness-minded patients through effective correspondence

The Purpose-Driven Practice – invest in your community and build your legacy as the Family Wellness Chiropractor

Recalling the Patient – effective tools for re-engaging the absent patient

The Relationship Practice – it’s not just about adjusting anymore

External Education – reach out to your community with effective educational articles

Legacy In Action – Now that you have reached your dream, what are you going to do with it?

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