Generations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I interviewed for this program?

Every Chiropractic management group has something great to offer, as does Generations, but not every doctor is going to be at that stage in their journey through life where they're ready for the hands-on approach that I offer.  When a doctor is invited to join Generations, they are being selected by the founder of the program and I only invite those doctors that I know I can help.

Can anyone join?

Everyone is invited to fill out the Family Wellness Survey and schedule a 30-minute one-on-one personal teleconference call with me but, no, not everyone will be invited to join Generations. I would never deny anyone my assistance but if I believe that it's not the right time for you to enter this program or that what we’re offering isn’t really what you’re looking for then I will let you know.

Why is the program two years instead of just one?

I chose two years for two specific reasons. First, the information I'm offering is comprehensive and spreading the program out over two years allows for successful implementation - a Generations member will never feel under the gun to immediately implement any of the many protocols, ideas and techniques offered. Second, it's a two-year program to keep it affordable.

Why are there only 30-40 doctors invited per year and no more than ten doctors in a class?

There were several reasons behind this decision but the most important was that I wanted to keep it personal - this isn't like any other coaching program being offered, as far as I know. I am personally inviting doctors into the program that I know I can help, and I want to keep the group small to ensure the personal touch for which the Generations program is known.

How much is the program?

The Generations program is only $399 per month with a two-year commitment.

What do I get from the program?

Generations members receive turn-key, easy to implement, ideas and protocols that will help them to successfully grow a family wellness practice including informational and educational products such as: PowerPoints, forms, handouts, DVDs and other valuable materials only available to Generations members.

Why is this program so affordable?

There are several reasons. First, we maintain a lower overhead because we have found the balance between high service and efficiency by accepting just 40 doctors per year into the program; but, most importantly, Dr. Claudia is committed to keeping it affordable for you, fellow practicing Chiropractors. So, whether you’re starting out, a cash practice, well-established, or working with another management program you can still afford to commit to growing your family wellness practice.

What is expected of me?

My staff and I acknowledge that you’re the Captain of your own ship and I’m not going to replace you in that role, however, I have been in practice for over 30-years and I believe that I know what works. My goal is to help others do what I've done successfully. The Generations materials are tried and true; I'm still in practice, I go to work Monday morning and implement everything that I talk about during my Generations calls. Having said that, I'm not trying to create a following of "Mini Me's" and so I don't require any Generations member to "report" to me or my staff. I provide you with the tools to grow your family practice and then I trust you to know when you are ready to implement those tools. All you have to do is what you are ready to, when you're ready to make your dreams come true.

What if I’ve been burned in the past?

We get this a lot, unfortunately. There are companies that have put profits above the doctor. That’s not us. That’s why we make the program so affordable and there are no hidden fees or up-selling. Our goal is to put the tools in your hands to educate families and get the word out that you are the prenatal and pediatric chiropractor in your community! We have members that have been with us for over 14 years. That kind of relationship shows that they value the fact that we’re always evolving and keeping them on the pulse of family wellness. We have graduated 100s of practice, helping them to be the voice for family wellness in their communities.

What kind of doctor is successful in this program?

All of them. We have started with students without a practice, women colleagues who want the balance of family and family practice, and male colleagues who want to see more families but sometimes feel like they can’t reach them. Students value what we do because it helps them start out on the right foot. Female colleagues that want to be moms while still being a successful family chiropractor find that this can rarely be achieved with a coach that is coming from a male perspective. Male D.C.s in our program learn how to be approachable and speak to the hearts of the women in their practice. Once they find that they can just talk to and educate their female patients without using a high-pressure sales approach (that unfortunately can be common in our profession) their practices explode.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call (559) 291-7800 and ask for a Generations Support Member.