Generations Program Benefits

Generations – Family Practice Reborn Provides Everything You Need to Grow Your Family Practice!

What is included?

  • 48 in-depth, educational phone conferences helping the doctor achieve their dream family practice

  • Over 20 new patient-generating campaigns

  • Equipping the Doctor of Chiropractic in the education and development of relationships with the holistic and allopathic healthcare communities

  • Individualized report of potential alliances and outreach opportunities researched for your community

  • Over 200 personalized forms and handouts focused for a wellness practice

  • Reception room binders for patient education covering everything from pregnancy to wellness information

  • Over 1,000 pages of comprehensive notes

  • Regularly scheduled 30-minute individual one-on-one calls with Dr. Claudia to help bring Generations home to you through a review of our materials, your reports, re-examinations and new patient outreach campaigns, helping you to achieve and succeed

  • Emergency or “problem case” phone access to Dr. Claudia

  • Around the clock access to Generations Support Staff to ensure that you are never without what you need

  • Staff training materials to encourage your team to get behind you and support your goal to grow your family wellness practice

  • External Marketing Tools including family wellness education for parent patients under the age of 40

  • Over $4,000 worth of educational and outreach materials included in the cost of the program – no up-selling

All of this for just $399 a month!

Module Materials Include

Family Wellness – science, philosophy and art

For the Doctor – internal education for the Family Practice; including the specific procedures and problem solving necessary to create the shift

External Events – targeted to generate awareness among families in the doctor’s community

For the Staff – tools and protocols to implement the Family Practice transformation with each member

Family Wellness Communication – from the latest news to education patients can quickly implement at home

Family-Centered Office Events – success at growing the family practice with existing patients

Complete Technique Spectrum – from pregnancy, newborn to child, from Dr. Claudia to you

Special Events

Throughout this two-year program, Dr. Claudia Anrig will provide several outreach programs and event ideas to reach out to more parents and their children. These events have resulted in an average of ten or more new patients per event and include but certainly aren’t limited to:

Wellness Workshops and In-Service Presentations – touch the lives of those in your community through education on stress-reduction or healthy nutrition

How to Reach a Thousand Children – create your legacy in your community by speaking to local schools

Back-to-School Event and Wellness School Outreach – reach and teach teens and school age children the wellness message

The Women’s Day Event – reach out to the healthcare gatekeepers in the family

Doctors with a Heart – bring in the patient that otherwise might not consider Chiropractic Care

Pre-Conception and Prenatal Wellness Education – reach your community with wellness education for the pregnant patient

Value-Added Benefit Items

There is more to Generations than your teleconference calls and notes. You can always expect a little something extra for you, your staff or your wellness-minded patient:

Monthly Family Wellness Newsletters – formatted for handing out in your office and mailing with your personal information

The monthly Did You Know Series – educate your parent patients in the “e-language” monthly, reach and teach your patients under the age of 40

Quarterly Recipe for Wellness – a print-ready four-page magazette that shares wellness lifestyle information and healthy recipes for the entire family

PowerPoint Packages – packaged and prepared for easy implementation, educate your parent patients on the latest information in wellness, these packages have a value of $199 - $249 but are included in the Generations program

30-Minute Lecture Series – an educational PowerPoint series from Generations, 12 PowerPoints on all the latest topics facing the concerned parent, including: Boosting Your Child’s Immunity, the Fast Food Dilemma, the Well-Balanced Child, Breastfeeding-The Healthy Choice, Backpack Awareness and more

Reception Area Binders– share the educational information you receive with your patients in:

  • The Wellness Pregnancy Binder – A source for your patients to find health and wellness information that also includes the Chiropractic message
  • Did You Know Binder – Contemporary graphic informational handouts stored in a central location in your practice for your patients to have constant access
  • The Wellness Family Newsletter Binder – Display past issues in this great binder that includes an invitation for your patients to request copies for their friends and families

Social Media Information and Recommendations – Ideas and protocols for promoting your practice page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Reception Room and Learning Center Materials – SD memory cards, DVDs and more providing parent-centric wellness educational information

Print-Ready Promotional and Informational Graphics Artwork – everything you need to increase patient awareness through professionally designed graphics for inside and outside of your practice. Posters and banner artwork such as:

  • 20 professionally designed family wellness banner graphics that can be edited with your logo prior to printing – and many of which come with matching printable handouts for expo or other outreach events in your community
  • Over 30 professionally designed print ready posters that can be displayed in your practice or anywhere that the wellness message applies – many of these can be personalized with your name by your graphics company prior to printing

Over 200 Forms and Handouts – educate your parent patients with all the work done for you. A busy Chiropractor doesn’t have time to design forms, handouts and educational materials so Generations does it for you. You adjust your families and we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

This is just a small sampling of the materials included in the program and there are more being created all the time! We just recently created a module called “Practice Growth with Positivity” that includes social media memes, handouts for new-to-schooling at home families, and more!

Clinical Experience / Case Management

Sometimes a doctor faces clinical challenges in his or her practice and needs to dialogue with someone who’s in active practice and not only provides wellness care for children but works with very difficult and challenging disorders.

It’s nice to know that you have a colleague in this field and area of expertise who you can simply call to get world class advice and encouragement that will help you to recognize and remember the power of the Chiropractic adjustment.

Staff Support

Is your staff behind your decision to grow a family practice? Dr. Claudia Anrig provides you with the skills to educate your staff and get them behind this important decision. She also provides staff training materials where she introduces your staff to the why behind the new protocols you’ll be implementing.
Your staff will be provided with their own set of notes for each training session, educating them about the vital role they play in growing your family practice.

A properly informed staff will increase your reputation as the Family Wellness Chiropractor in your community by educating and informing your patients on the benefits of Chiropractic care for their children.

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