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The Wellness Family Newsletter empowers you to educate your patients with the latest in family wellness on a myriad of valuable topics.  Each month you are provided with our newest issue, keeping your patients up to date on the most contemporary issues facing their families.

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Feet, Gait and Chiropractic – help patients understand the connection between walking and spinal/postural health

What Controls You? – explains the importance of a health nervous system and all of the other body’s systems properly functioning

Fertility and Chiropractic – help women understand the very real affect that chiropractic care may have on fertility

Balance and Chiropractic – educates patients on the importance of proper balance and the role that chiropractic may play in its improvement

Tech Neck – connects the use of technology to its very real affects on neck pain, posture and overall spinal health

Posture Matters – teaches patients the true meaning of posture, why it’s important and how valuable chiropractic care is for their family

What is a Family Wellness Chiropractor? – defines not only chiropractic but family wellness chiropractic and helps parent patients understand the difference between the two types of chiropractors

Women and Pregnancy

The Webster Technique – scientifically referenced, this newsletter will explain this technique, help the reader understand its value and provide useful information on its benefits

Pre-Conception Wellness – educates women on the importance of preparing their bodies for pregnancy including the value of pre-conception chiropractic care

Breastfeeding – provides useful information on the benefits of breastfeeding, some of the challenges that may arise and how helpful chiropractic care may be

Pelvic Floor – helps patients understand pelvic floor dysfunction and the value of chiropractic care in preparing for delivery to help avoid pelvic floor issues


Tummy Time and Crawling – educate young moms on the importance of certain milestones and how valuable it is to encourage their newborns to spend time on these two important activities

First Adjustment – helps explain the importance of having newborns checked by a chiropractor and the gentleness of the first adjustment

Teething Symptoms and Home Remedies – helps parents deal with this difficult time of their baby’s lives wisely and holistically

Otitis Media – will help patients know what symptoms to look for and explains the AAP guidelines that encourage a wait-and-watch approach to subscribing antibiotics

Tethered Oral Tissues or Tongue Tie – provides valuable information on what to look for, how to properly care for and the importance of chiropractic

Baby Wearing – educates young moms on the value of wearing their baby and provides helpful recommendations on the best options available


Antibiotic Misuse – encourages patients to carefully consider the pros and cons of antibiotics when they are prescribed by discussing the many recorded misuses

Home Remedies – provides parents with a valuable resource of recommended home remedies for many common childhood disorders

Healthy Poops – teaches parents about the value of monitoring their child’s bowel movements as a sign of their overall health

Food and Nutrition

Why am I confused about Salt? – dispels some myths about salt, educates on its benefits and encourages the value of finding better sources for unrefined options

Camouflaged Sugar – teaches patients where to find hidden sugars in their foods and how to avoid them

Garlic, Onions and More – encourages patients to add garlic and onions to their diets for their incredible health benefits

Fermented Foods – educates patients on the value of adding fermented foods to their diets and even explains how they can ferment foods from home

Honey and Bees – helps patients understand the amazing homeopathic properties of honey, its value and how important it is to learn the plight of bees

Focused Wellness

Reclaiming Your 20 – after explaining the dangers of stress, this newsletter will provide your patients different ways to spend 20 minutes a day focused on their mental and emotional well-being

Mindfulness – helps patients understand the importance of mindfulness, being focused on the here and now, and how it can help improve all areas of their lives

The Power of Breathing – educates on typical breathing, improper and proper breathing and the importance of focused breathing and breathing exercises