Day Two

Day 2 is a unique opportunity to be one of 40 doctors to have a four-hour hands-on workshop covering infant to young child adjusting. Roll up your sleeves, bring your baby dolls and let’s get your hands practicing palpation and set-ups for your Monday morning practice. Dr. Claudia can bring you more tools for your technique toolbox.

Pediatric Technique Instruction

Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Specific Adjusting

A. Static and Motion Palpation of the Sacrum and Ilium
B. Specific Adjusting
(Examination Procedures and Adjustive Technique)

Adapting the Gonstead System; Neonate, Infant, Young Child

A. Examination: all regions
a. Observation
b. Static and Motion Palpation

B. Upper Cervical Spine: Occipito-atlantal
C. Upper Cervical Spine: Atlanto-axial
D. Lower Cervical Spine (C2-C7)
E. Thoracic Spine
F. Lumbar Spine
G. Pelvis
a. Ilium
b. Sacrum