What Is Generations ?

Generations is…

Exclusive, Boutique and Affordable

Just 30-40 doctors enrolled per year…

Education Based

Having successfully grown a family wellness practice

Dr. Claudia Anrig has learned the value in educating patients and provides you with everything you need to educate your patients as well.

Generations is for the Chiropractor with the dream of a successful family practice having the benefit of plenty of ideas. This includes user-friendly protocols and materials needed to become the Family Wellness Chiropractor in his or her community.

Generations will complement most management programs available by working alongside it to propel family wellness daily. While larger management programs definitely have a lot to offer in the area of practice management and patient base growth, Dr. Claudia’s goal is to offer a whole new style of assistance and help doctors reach new patients through easily adaptable and promotable education inside and outside the practice.

What Generations is not!

Generations is not…

A Replacement for a Management Program

Growing your practice is achieved through many disciplines and coaching styles including Dr. Claudia's “take it right to the families” approach – both scientific and common sense.

Statistic Based

Though tracking is important, we understand that you’ll utilize what will work for you and ask us along the way when you need focus.

Any kind of practice can become a family practice!

It’s about growth, but it’s also about quality patients and growing your practice vertically. Rather than seeing a single family member, one family care patient can grow 3 to 4 additional patients who then reinforce each other. This program makes wellness generational, which promotes lasting change.

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